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Title: Kara’s Trip
Author: Sarah aka [livejournal.com profile] lotus79
Summary: A quiet lunch on the most beautiful harbour in the world is interrupted by a drug importation.
Characters: Mostly Kara and Lee with guest appearances by Hotdog, Kat, Tigh, Dee and a few other BSG characters in various roles.
Rating: I’d say M15+ if I was being conservative
Warnings: (minor) character death, people waving guns around in a threatening manner, sexual references, coarse language
Beta Thanks: Betaed by the fantastic [livejournal.com profile] nazkey, who is a lifesaver. Thank you!
Author Notes: The prompt was “Kara and Lee as a crime fighting duo” although I’m not sure that’s actually what I ended up writing!

Some explanation is required: this is actually a crossover/reimagining/whatever they’re calling it these days of Kara and Lee as Sydney Water Police. It’s based on an episode of a little known Australian TV series called Water Rats. (It was never shown in the US but Canadians may have heard of it.) You don’t need to have seen it for this to make sense. At least that’s the intention.

Disclaimer: A large part of the plot and a bit of the dialogue in this fic comes from “Goldie’s Trip”, written by Russell Haig. I claim no ownership and mean no disrespect, though I do worry that I’ve relied on it a little too much.

VKG – call sign of Sydney Water Police base
SPG – State Protection Group, who support police in high risk incidents such as hostage situations and sieges.
Polair – Police air wing. They’re the ones with the choppers ;)
COPS database – Computerised Operational Policing System. Includes information on all reported criminal incidents, data on police actions and other occurrences attended by, or reported to, police.
“Your shout” – you’re buying. (if talking about drinks it’s the same as “it’s your round”)

Kara's Trip )


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