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If for any reason you should need to drop out of the exchange, please let us know ASAP so we can arrange a pinch hit. And if you think you'll need an extension, please let us know no later than this Friday, December 3rd. Gifts are due December 5th. We'll be posting one exchange gift a day from December 6th through December 24th.


Please use the following header layout for your submission:

<b>Author:</b> (we'll remove this before posting and replace it after the reveal)
<b>Warnings:</b> (if applicable, warnings for heavy squicks, non-con/dub-con,
disturbing violence, etc.)
<b>Beta Thanks:</b> (we'll remove this before posting and replace it after the reveal)
<b>Author Notes: </b>

Please send a .rtf or .doc file (NO DOCX FILES, PLEASE) with your fic to us (more on that in a second). Make sure all your HTML coding for italics, bold, etc. is in the text and your story is ready to post.

If you are sending artwork, please send as a jpeg attachment or a link to the photo hosting site where you have uploaded it. If you're sending a vid, please include link to video site host and/or embeddable code if possible. 

When you send your gift, please send it to the mod who originally sent you your assignment. If you can't remember who or need an email address, PM us! Also, please put "Pilots Present from (your LJ name here)" in the subject line, so we don't accidentally delete it!

Thanks everyone!



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