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It's come to the mods' attention that there may be some confusion about the way an exchange comm works for some of our newer members. Here's how it works:

You submit your gift of a fic or vid or whatever, created to your giftee's specifications and prompts, to one of the mods who assigned it to you. This means a word document for a fic, links or images for graphics, links/embeddable code for vids. We will collect all entries and start posting one a day in this comm for all to see beginning December 6th. We'll post one submission a day with a header like "A gift for Taragel". All the works will be posted here at the comm, so anyone following this community or just peeping in as it is a public community, will be able to see your gift. Posting will take place between December 6th through 24th and creators will be anonymous/uncredited. Then we'll have a short period where you can guess who created which item, and then we'll post a list of who created what for whom on or about January 1.

Any questions, leave them here or contact myself or [livejournal.com profile] sci_fi_shipper to discuss! Thanks!


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