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Title: Sleep
Author: [livejournal.com profile] winegums
Summary: Kara's point of view on her and Lee (and also their sleeping arrangements)
Characters: Kara Thrace/Lee Adama
Rating: PG-13
Brief Description of the AU: Lee is a bartender for the summer on Tauron, when he gets a new temporary colleague. (my fic is set after the scene where she buys him a drink as an apology/make-it-even and they end up at his place)
Link to the AU Fic(s): Bullseye by [livejournal.com profile] sci_fi_shipper

The first drunken night after she returned to work at the bar, Kara could have passed off sleeping in Lee's bed - with Lee in it - as a one-off, nothing to even think about because they'd done nothing but sleep, even if she'd wanted, just for a few mad seconds after she woke up, to do more. The second time it happened, her reasoning was that she wasn't really drunk, but that Lee was, and someone needed to stay with him and make sure the taxi driver didn't fleece him for the ride back because he was in no condition to even count his own fingers, forget counting money. Even if that meant (and she refused to think of it in those terms, but the words floated unbidden to her mind before she could stop them) sleeping together again.

The third time, they'd closed up the bar and gone back to his for a round of triad that rapidly devolved into kicking each other under the table when one of them suspected the other was cheating (which was often, and in Kara's case, sometimes true), and then ended in more drunkenness as both decided that the cartoons they used to watch on weekend mornings as children would be even more hilarious if they watched them through a haze of Volos shots.

They didn't make it to the bed that night - Kara woke to find herself plastered against Lee on the couch, his fingers curled under the waistband of her jeans, and thought for just a second of throwing caution to the wind along with all their clothes.....until she realised that Pingu the Penguin was still making squeaky noises on the screen because their DVD (and why Lee had a children's animation DVD in his house was another matter entirely) was playing on a loop and neither of them had remembered to turn it off. She couldn't help but grin at the absurdity of the situation as she poked Lee awake and listened to his complaints about the crick in his neck and Pingu's squeaky voice in his ears, wondering how it was possible to feel so entirely comfortable with him while simultaneously going crazy wanting to frak his brains out.

The fourth, fifth and sixth times, she didn't even bother analysing why she ended up feeling so antsy in her own hotel room that she grabbed at any excuse to go over to his - the impersonality of the hotel and the presence of the shuttle service flyer on her bedside table freaked her out, and despite not wanting anything of the sort from him, somewhere along the way he'd become her friend, even if friends didn't wake up holding each other in ways that would have been called 'compromising positions' in the old-fashioned romance novels she'd gotten so bored of as a teenager.

Worst of all, it confused her. Potential frak buddies weren't people with whom you watched cartoons just for fun, and despite their hyper-awareness of every time they ended up sleeping together and Lee's obvious attraction to her (it didn't get more obvious than looking down the front of her shirt), their days were an odd mix of easy camaraderie and studiously ignoring whatever distinctly not-friends position they'd woken up in that day. And watching her money pile up had never been less enjoyable.

The day before she figured she'd make enough for the fare back to Caprica, she forced herself to spend the night in her hotel again - she told herself it was because she needed to pack, but the truth was, she needed to get used to sleeping without him again, and if she'd actually gone over that night there the chances that she'd actually do something she probably shouldn't were fairly high.

Lee's face was unreadable the next morning, as she totalled up her tips and said goodbyes that were as lighthearted as she could make them - two weeks of knowing him and she knew he'd never bring himself to ask why she hadn't come over last night, but instead he'd smile and wish her luck as she walked out of his life for good. And even though Kara had every intention of keeping in line with her original plan, it was the handshake (and the look on his face as he wished her luck, like he wanted more than anything for her not to go) that undid her, as she stepped forward and did what a little voice in her head told her she should have done weeks ago and kissed him until their lips were swollen and red with the force of it.

Later that night, as Kara closed up the bar and headed back to Lee's apartment to do things that very distinctly involved not sleeping, she decided Herculean self-control and denial had really been overrated all along.
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