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Have you ever wanted to read someone else's take on one of your AU fic worlds? Well, the community has voted and we're going to exchange AU WORLD CONTINUATION fics. Wooooooo! <3

This is an anonymous exchange in which you will offer up your pilots AUs as a playground for another writer who will write a fic set in that world (think of it similar to a remix, except that you can't change the basic alternate universe). Tara and I will match writers with one another and off you will go to create a magical fic! (And if you haven't written any AU fics, you can still participate...see below.)

+ Write a fic of at least 500 words with no maximum that focuses on the relationship between Kara and Lee. Fics can be a series of drabbles or vignettes as well as a more cohesive piece, as long as they adhere to the rules of the AU canon.
+ Become familiar with the AU canon of the fic you are going to write for. For example, if Zak is still alive, you should plan to include him in your fic; if Kara and Lee are married, this should be a component of your fic.
+ Keep your identity a secret from the recipient. If you have questions about an AU world, please contact one of the mods.
+ Submit your finished fic to the mods (in a format described in a subsequent post).

Sign-up Post closes Saturday, January 12th at 7pm
Assignments will be distributed by Sunday, January 13th
Drop-out Date is February 6th, midnight EST
Fics are due February 13th, midnight EST

SIGN-UP FORM (copy and drop into a comment - all comments are screened)
<b>LJ name: </b>
<b>Email address

<b>Please provide links to at least TWO AU fics and give a brief description of each (you can list as many fics as you like) </b>

<b>Please identify any SAFE stories/AUs that you do not want anyone to write for (provide links or write NONE) </b>

<b>If you have not written any AU fics, please give THREE descriptions - or more - of AU fics that you'd like to read about. BE SPECIFIC (e.g. I want Kara and Lee to be raising a child on Tauron, or I would like to read about divorced pilots getting back together.)</b>

<b>Please identify any squicks, triggers, characters, or content you do NOT want in your fic </b>

<b>Preferred Ratings </b>

<b>Could you pinchhit </b>

Have questions about the format of the Fic Exchange? Reply to the first comment (we'll see them and unscreen if they might be of interest to others.)

If you have any OTHER questions/concerns/problems, please don’t hesitate to contact your mods by commenting here or PM to either [livejournal.com profile] callmeonetrack or [livejournal.com profile] sci_fi_shipper.

Sign up, invite your friends, and enjoy!
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